Our food service division is one of the leading suppliers to the Asian foodservice market. We provide our customers with a range of high quality, convenient and customised Asian noodles, Dumplings & Wonton products.

Fresh Noodles
Our fresh noodles range include Hokkein, Udon, Chow Mein, Ramen, Rice, Yang Chun, Shanghai, and Pure Eggs noodles. The production is done daily and fresh noodles delivered directly to Asian restaurants, takeaway, cafes in 1kg bulk packaging.

Dumplings & Wonton
We manufacture several flavours of Dumplings and Wonton and is delivered to restaurants in 200 pieces of bulk packaging.
We can customise any recipe.

Asian Supermarkets
We supply freshly manufactured noodles to Asian Supermarkets in retail packaging with merchandising support as required.

Product Range
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Pizza Shops

Our foodservice division provides a comprehensive range of ingredients to the pizza shops.

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